"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Submitting an article

Please note that the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography does not publish fiction, poetry, genealogy, family history, or work that has appeared or will elsewhere in substantially the same form.

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography invites the submission of scholarly articles on Virginia history. The editor requires that articles be submitted as a Microsoft Word file, preferably as an e-mail attachment. If that is not possible, a file submitted on CD or DVD is acceptable. Please use endnotes, not footnotes, and try to combine the references into one endnote per paragraph. Because of limitations of space, the VMHB will not consider manuscripts shorter than fifteen pages or longer than thirty pages of double-spaced text, not including endnotes. If your article includes maps, charts, or illustrations, do not embed them in the Word document. Simply place a marker in the text, as a parenthetical note, where you would like to include a map, chart, or illustration. Send any maps, charts, or illustrations separately as high-resolution PDF (for maps and charts) or JPEG or TIFF (for illustrations) files.

After initial review by the editor, manuscripts that merit further consideration will be sent to outside readers for anonymous critique. This process can often take several months.

Manuscripts should be submitted to Graham T. Dozier, Virginius Dabney Editor of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, via e-mail attachment to gdozier@vahistorical.org or mail your submission, on CD or DVD, to P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, VA 23221-0311.

Please review the guidelines and tips for submitting your article below.

Graham Dozier

Graham T. Dozier, Managing Editor of Publications and Virginius Dabney Editor of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

Do you have any questions about the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography? You can contact me at 804.342.9640 or gdozier@vahistorical.org.

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