"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Book a Field Trip to the VHS

Education is at the core of the Virginia Historical Society's mission. Take your students on a field trip through history with a visit to the VHS, or participate in a virtual HistoryConnects program. Learn more about educational opportunities for teachers and students below.

I love the VHS and feel like it is a terrific and worthwhile field trip.
4th grade teacher, Hanover County

Enhance your classroom experience with these online features:


Virginia History Day is a history competition for students grades six through twelve.
Find out more about Virginia History Day
Virginia History Day
Learn about the tours and programs we offer to visiting school groups.
Find out more about Field Trips
Field Trip
Take a virtual field trip to the Virginia Historical Society today. Connect with a VHS educator directly from your classroom.
Find out more about HistoryConnects
Learn more about our programs for teachers.
Find out more about Professional Development
Teacher Workshop
"Teaching with Photographs" is designed to be used by both teachers and students.
Find out more about Teaching with Photographs
Linking to Our Past showcases some of the VHS collections that help document the African American experience in Virginia.
Find out more about Linking to Our Past
Linking to our Past
Turn back the pages of the calendar and learn about notable dates in Virginia history.
Find out more about Notable Dates in Virginia History
Life Insurance Calendar 2003.131.23
Learn about the VHS awards given to teachers and students who have made an impact on history education, and education internship opportunities available at the
Find out more about Education Internships and Awards
Award Winners
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